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Many British businesses unaware of the Bribery Act, reveals Ernst and Young

By Tom Newcombe , 03 Jan 2013 Just over half of British businesses have heard of the UK Bribery Act, despite the fact that the legislation was introduced over a year ago, according to research published by professional services firm Ernst and Young. The research found that only 56% of firms were aware of the Bribery … Continue reading

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UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is organising a Green Technology Road Show,

11-14 February 2013 London, East Midlands, North West UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is organising a Green Technology Road Show, visiting three centres around the UK with a number of international buyers. Starting in London and travelling on to the East Midlands (Nottingham) and then on to the North West (Manchester), the tour will seek … Continue reading

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Information, Attention, and Trust

In 1943, psychologist Abraham Maslow analyzed human motivation as a hierarchy of needs: physiological needs, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. But Maslow could hardly have imagined the digital age in which we live today. Our modern existence in an ocean of petabytes calls for its own hierarchy of needs — a framework for how we … Continue reading

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What have you forgotten to consider in 2012, that could make all the difference in 2013?

You should be asking that question when you reflect upon your business. This may seem like a very simple question – but it is often not posed – or fully debated. I find that most business owners routinely consider ideas to target and expand their customer base – but they often overlook other areas, such … Continue reading

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New Studies suggest that embracing social media could save local government up to 2 million pounds; yet many continue to ignore it

  The use of social media is increasing at a phenomenal rate; which is no surprise to those in the know. Local councils however are not utilising (with a few exceptions) to the best of their ability. Those Local authorities that have been putting the effort in have seen initial savings of up to 25% … Continue reading

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Derbys action garments win startup award

A Derbyshire company has scooped a top award in a nationwide competition for startups, with its world-beating wool garments for risk takers and action people.Derby-based Armadillo Merino, already high flying after major export contracts, has won the product-based startup of the year award, in competition with hundreds of other businesses. Among the judges for the … Continue reading

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Offshore Companies: Planning for the Annual CGT charge

Offshore Companies: Planning for the Annual CGT charge Planning opportunities for offshore  structures in light of the proposed Annual Charge New legislation: am I affected? The 2012 Budget announced some somewhat  ambitious plans for offshore entities ownership  of Residential Property. Consultation papers  published by HMRC on 31st May 2012 target  residential properties valued in excess of £2m … Continue reading