Article Submission

Where to send submissions

Press releases, features and article pitches should be sent to:

It’s all about business supports businesses from start-ups and entrepreneurs, through to blue chip in the UK.

We can make your opinions heard through articles, blogging, advertising, video and social media

Areas we cover include:

  • Advice for small-medium business owners or start-up entrepreneurs
  • Start-up stories
  • Opinion pieces and trends
  • The latest news concerning  UK businesses
  • Case studies


What we accept


We accept guest-written opinion/advice articles and case studies.. Submissions should be in the range of 500-1,000 words. Please let us know also if you would like to contribute regularly.


Press releases

Press releases should be one page long, and sent to us on the day of release (or earlier if embargoed). Here are some best practices for press release writing.

What we like

Top tips

Advice articles and lists of “top tips” are always well-read, and likely to get a favourable response from our editorial staff.


Typos and grammatical errors

Although we appreciate that writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, it helps us out a lot if you ensure contributions are proof-read and free of errors before you send them across. Having to wade through a lot of errors takes time and is liable to send your article to the trash can unless your story really shines through.

Box-outs and research

Providing us with industry background, lists of key facts, or any other content we can use to add variety to the page will make your contribution far more likely to be used.

Contributions should be accompanied with a supporting image which you feel would be appropriate 640 pixels wide x 273 pixels high. In general, more dynamic stock images are preferred, as we receive a lot of headshots. Please ensure you have rights to all images you send us, as we will not be held liable for misuse of copyright.

Where to send submissions

Remember, press releases, features and article pitches should all be sent to:

You can also contact us via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn


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