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Why every Website needs video content

It’s no secret that more and more businesses are publishing videos on their websites. But do you know why?  Well, surely the most important aspect for any online business is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making your site rank highly in Google through written content and keywords. However, since Google bought YouTube, they’ve now integrated a special search algorithm that automatically boosts websites higher up on their searches if it has video content on it.

So now Google will always rank websites that have video content higher than ones that don’t. Businesses have now realised that not having original video content on their website drastically decreases their Google page ranking in favour of ones that do, thus losing out on web traffic, and in turn, new customers.

Soon all businesses will understand the importance of video, and host their own videos, this is why your business needs to stay ahead of the game and in front of your competitors.

The Importance of Video

How many times have you visited a website and pressed ‘back’ after a few seconds because the site was full of slow-loading text? It happens far too often, and this is called ‘bounce-back’. It’s a fact that 30% more people stay on a website if there is a video to watch, and that of course keeps visitors on that site for much longer than the average of 4 seconds. 

Having video on your website doesn’t just keep people on the site for longer, it builds up a rapport that you just don’t get with any other medium. If you visit a site to see the CEO or face of the company greeting you and talking you through their business, you instantly build a level of trust. Your company is no longer a faceless corporation; it’s now a familiar face and voice, and one that can be trusted.

As well as the obvious benefits of building rapport with your customers, having video also helps establish a brand. A professional ident with bespoke motion graphics immediately associates itself to your company. Within seconds the viewer will identify the video as one of yours and establish a  familiarity and trust in the brand that you don’t get with printed text.


So which type of video is right for your business? At All About Web Media we’re specialist at creating the right video for your website, attracting the right customers and keeping them on your site for longer. We’ve created celebrity-endorsed videos for new and innovative charities, cooking videos for inspiring food products, to welcoming home page videos for historic wedding venues. There are no limits to what we can do for you. Over the next couple of years all businesses will know about the marketing and selling power of website videos and have them on their websites. Don’t let your business fall behind, get ahead of your competitors today and contact one of our team on 079747 111 96, or email




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