All About Business

Ground breaking on-line Business publication sets sights on April 2013 Launch

The eagerly anticipated launch of the publication ‘It’s all about business’ has been set for April 2013 after many years in the making.

Creators of the website and publication ‘The all about marketing group’ have been eager to show case the latest technology used with the on-line publication, along with it’s functions that set it apart from other publications of it’s kind.

A spokes person for the group said “The publication is fully interactive and uses all the features available through the web in advertising and editorials without having to leave the publication”.

Social media – Link to social media pages or people  

Video/Digital media – Play Corporate Videos, Advertisements and instructional videos

Websites and Web-links -Visit websites,blogging platforms


Google maps and Google+ – Link through to maps and many other Google functions  


The magazine is also search engine optimised so articles and adverts can now have major benefits to our clients and contributors websites.

One of the most important things for businesses and organisations involved with the Website and publication is the fact that we can gather data and send back reports on the read success rate of articles and advertising campaigns helping clients monitor response against return on investment.

The publication will focus mainly on UK business news articles and trends along with major news from across the globe. 

Our quarterly free business publications are sent out to a large audience of around 100,000 business subscribers per issue.

The publication will also posted out through articles, blog’s and our large social media networks

This main website will be ranked high to increasing its exposure to the highest amount of subscribers and readers.

For more information contact the editor Gary Allen on 07837964005

or view an example of other produced publications at



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